Hello, and welcome to ASED’s intern blog! We are Jessica and Claire, two American students from Santa Clara University, and for the next five weeks of summer 2013 we will be working with a non-profit based in Kolkata called the Association for Social and Environmental Development (ASED). We were given this opportunity through  the Global Fellows program run by Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business, which sends students to intern with partner organizations all over the world. (http://www.lsbglobalfellows.org/) This blog will catalogue our experiences in working to promote ASED’s mission of nature conservation through youth empowerment and education.

Meet Claire

Clairerundball_2Hi, my name is Claire! I was lucky enough to be born and raised in the best place to live in the United States: Fort Collins, Colorado (it’s not just me saying that, too, we’ve been ranked) and have lived there my whole life. I’m a rising senior double majoring in English and Environmental Studies and concentrating in Sustainable Development, so I’m especially excited to be working in an emerging economy country to see how the development challenges faced on the ground compare to what I’ve learned in class. I’m not yet sure of my plans after college but working in the non-profit sector is high on the list so I’m excited to have the chance to work with an organization with as incredible of a vision as ASED and to see what non-profit work, especially in another country, is like. Thanks for checking out our blog!

Meet Jessica


Hey everyone! I’m Jessica, a rising senior bioengineering major. While Claire may be from the best place to live in America, I probably win for coming from the rainiest, and hail from the beautiful Seattle, Washington. Once out of school, I hope to go to work designing medical devices, specifically biosensors if given the opportunity. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with ASED this summer and learn the ins and outs of working with a non-profit, especially one with such an inspiring mission! Thanks for reading!

About ASED
ASED was started by an inspiring woman named Diti Mookherjee (who will be our boss while in India) with the mission of promoting nature conservation through public awareness, action research and people’s participation. The main projects ASED is working on right now are called Solar Lamps and Green Rhinos. The Solar Lamps initiative gives solar-powered lamps to children in a rural area of West Bengal known as the Sundarbans, providing an alternative to costly, smoky kerosene lamps so that children are able to have light and study later in the night, thereby helping them keep up in school. Green Rhinos is a program which trains and educates middle-school and older students about the importance of biodiversity and nature conservation and enables them to become informed advocates for positive environmental change. Diti’s dream is to take the Green Rhino’s program global, to offer Green Rhino’s training in India and then throughout the world. More about both projects can be found here on ASED’s website: http://www.asedkol.org/prog_current.html

So, our objective in our five weeks with this incredible organization is to promote the mission of ASED to a global level through the utilization of social media and digital storytelling. Our main project goals so far are: 1) to spread the message of Diti and her organization through digital storytelling and 2) to improve the organization’s online presence, through an integrated social media approach. This means that over the next five weeks we will be compiling and editing footage and photos of the city, our time here, Diti’s work and ASED’s projects and creating videos to promote ASED’s work, then sharing all this on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and all other pertinent online platforms (which we will have to revamp or create) to spread the work of Diti and her organization.

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be updating here about our work and what we learn about the environment and life in India. We will be striving to stay as true to ASED’s mission as possible through our social media postings and utilization of digital storytelling. Hope you enjoy, and if you’d like to talk with us or ask us anything about our job please send us a message!


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